DEKTITE® pipe sleeves provide the perfect seal for pipes where they penetrate ceilings or walls. Their flexible terraced rubber beads allow unrestricted thermal expansion of both the pipes themselves as well as the coating elements, thus preventing fatigue failures found in rigid pipe systems.


DEKTITE pipe sleeve features

  • Standard dimensions for pipe diameters of up to 508 mm (or 724 mm on request)
  • Weather-resistant thanks to proven EPDM construction
  • Insensitive to UV radiation
  • Adaptable to almost any profile shape

Advantages of DEKTITE pipe sleeves

  • Long service life
  • Resistance to heat: Withstands temperatures up to +150°C intermittently, and up to +115°C on a continuous basis
  • Special solutions for higher temperatures upon request
  • Resistance to cold: down to -50°C
  • Flexibly adjustable to a variety of profiles, as well as all pipe materials and diameters up to 440 mm




Item number

Tube diameter
740000 0–35
740001 0-55
740002 50-70
740003 0-120
740004 75-170
740005 125-230
740006 150-300
740007 230-508
  Further diameters on request



The requirements of DIN 18807 “Roof openings”, inter alia, must be observed with when using DEKTITE® pipe sleeves.


Pipe sleeves must not be installed in the vicinity of transverse or longitudinal joints.


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