PORIFIX 90 is a product combination of F90 duct work and plastic flue gas pipes which has been specially developed for the DIY construction sector, and is available from leading construction material wholesalers.


Its scope of use is clearly defined:

  • Exhaust gas temperatures up to 120°C - for oil- and gas-fired condensing technology
  • 90-minute fire resistance - for all building classes
  • For output ranges of up to 35 kW and more


PORIFIX can be used anywhere, both in single dwellings and in apartment blocks.
Its 90 minute fire rating complies with Federal construction ordinance requirements for all building classes. The system’s output range extends up to approximately 35 KW, and even more depending on the type of boiler used. Erection time is normally a mere 2 - 4 hours, depending on the length of the ductwork.


PORIFIX is generally verified and approved by building authorities

The items required for connection come in a single basic package (the connection package), which can be individually matched to different roof pitches and colours. This simplifies project planning and calculations.


PORIFIX 90 at a glance

  • F90 formed bricks for ductwork are made from special autoclaved aerated concrete with an average density of only 0.5 kg/dm³
  • Particularly low-weight material
  • Includes D60 or D80 polypropylene flue gas pipe
  • Fire protection
  • Annular gap between shaped bricks and flue gas pipe channels in the combustion air
  • Dimensions of duct elements:  210 x 210 mm, duct i/d Ø 130 mm, length 500 mm
  • The material can be worked using commercially available tools
  • The ductwork shaped bricks are bonded to each other using thin bed mortar


 Each of the packages contains all of the components required for erection and connection for that section

  • Ceiling connection element provides fire protection-compliant transition from the appliance installation area to the floor above
  • Inspection T-piece for flexible connection to the condensing boiler
  • Concentric roof terminal in standard length (0.4 m) or special length (1.0 m), available in red or black
  • Thanks to its lead flashing (600 x 700 mm), the universal pitched roof tile offers optimum flexibility when positioning and adjusting on roof tiling, available in red or black
  • Our standard pitched roof tiles are suitable for roof inclines of 25° to 45°, other pitch angles are available on request
  • Special adhesive container (12 kg), sufficient for taller apartment buildings
  • 4 x retaining clips, to prevent lateral shifting of the ductwork
  • Flat roof flashing available for flat roofs
  • Inspection of flue gas pipe and of combustion air pipe through the annular gap is possible from below therefore, roof access is no longer required.




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