SKOBIFIX® is a "condensing chimney" made from our special SKOBIFIX® geopolymer foam.

This one-meter long ductwork block incorporates a tongue-and-groove system which guarantees simple, quick installation.

Each system unit comprises a central plastic flue gas pipe supported in the cast duct within a fire proof, lightweight ceramic block, which has been specially developed for heating systems and for HVAC installers. This system is in stock at well-known HVAC wholesalers across Germany.


Verified and approved for construction by the German Centre of Competence for Construction (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DiBt))

SKOBIFIX® 30 is single flue ductwork system incorporating the flue gas pipe. The block material is a geopolymer foam which is patent-protected and trade mark registered.


SKOBIFIX® at a glance

Product internal void cross-section [mm] Overall
 L x W x H [mm]
Weight [kg] Fire rating [min] Approval
SKOBIFIXXs® 30 block incl. D80 PPs flue gas pipe 100 x 140 with PPs D80 pipe 150 x 200 x 1000 10 30 DIBt Z-7.2-3210
SKOBIFIXnano® 30 block incl. D60 PPs flue gas pipe 80 x 100 with PPs D60 pipe 130 x 160 x 1000 8 30 DIBt Z-7.2-3210
Subject to technical modifications.

SKOBIFIXnano 30®

SKOBIFIXnano® 30 is Skoberne’s latest and smallest “condensing chimney system”, with exterior dimensions of only 130 x 160 mm. Thanks to its small cross-section, SKOBIFIXnano® fits easily into any wall or false wall.

 Skobifix nano 30

  • Flue gas pipe with 30-minute fire rating
  • Gas exhausted by means of a flame-retardant PPs D60 pipe (pressure-tight and acid-resistant)
  • Fire protection thanks to geopolymer foam ductwork mantle
  • Combustion air intake via annular gap between flue gas pipe and geopolymer foam block’s cast in duct
  • Easy installation thanks to tongue-and-groove system



Installation images and system layout

The installation images below show how easy it is to install the system, and how much time you can save compared to other methods.



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