SKOBIFIX WDVS is a "condensing chimney system” developed by Skoberne based upon SKOBIFIX geopolymer foam. The ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to external stresses, as well as being easy to work and very lightweight. E.g. a 1-meter long ductwork element weighs only 8-10 kg.

The integral flue gas pipe is made from high-quality, flame-retardant polypropylene. This guarantees the system’s pressure-tightness and acid-resistant exhaust gas routing. An annular gap between the plastic flue gas pipe and the block’s duct provides for the supply of combustion air.


SKOBIFIX WDVS – The System in Detail

SKOBIFIX WDVS ductwork elements are assembled and bonded with a tongue-and-groove structure, -secure and airtight. As a result, the complete condensation chimney measures a mere 130 x 160 mm (D60 exhaust gas line, approx. 19 kW) or 150 x 200 mm (D80 exhaust gas line, approx. 35 kW). Thanks to its minimal depth dimension, the exhaust gas system can be completely integrated into the thermal insulation system.

Research has confirmed the absence of any significant thermal bridges in the external insulation in the ductwork area. This is due not only to the material of the SKOBIFIX geopolymer foam but also to the fact that the flue gas pipe itself radiates heat during boiler operation.



The advantages of the SKOBIFIX system at a glance

  • Complete geopolymer foam ductwork system with integrated flue gas pipe
  • Simple to install and seal, thanks to the tongue-and-groove system
  • Patented ceiling connection element allows the chimney sweep to perform direct inspections of the annular gap
  • Universal pitched roof tile to seal roof installations (depending on roof incline: 5°-55°)
  • Weather hood for combustion air intake
  • Sustainable thanks to removable exhaust gas line in outer wall (enabling replacement of elements without damaging the façade or ductwork)



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