What is it we do?

We manufacture boiler flue exhaust gas pipes and ductwork systems plus everything to do with them. With inspiration, perseverance and understatement, and have done so since 1987.

The heat exchanger-based energy-saving system introduced in 1987 by company founder Willi Skoberne directs energy from the very hot exhaust gases of the boiler back into the heating circuit. It quickly became clear that traditional chimneys were completely unsuitable for the cooled exhaust gases. This gave rise to the concept of plastic flue gas exhaust pipes.

In 1990, Willi Skoberne received the first building inspectorate approval for flue gas exhaust pipes made from polypropylene, a material which met corrosion and temperature resistance requirements and provides for pressure-tight exhaust gas transit. This flue gas system was developed and further expanded together with the development departments of major boiler manufacturers. The broad product range is made up of a variety of nominal diameters, so that today, we can offer flue gas pipes ranging from DN60 up to DN315 mm. Our plastic flue gas pipes were initially developed for exhaust gas temperatures of up to 80C and then subsequently up to 120°C. In addition to rigid flue gas pipes, our flexible pipes enable simple, rapid installation in existing vertical ductwork and chimneys inclusive offsets and bends.

Innovative also in the field of fire-resistant ductwork. In SKOBIFIX®, UNIFIX and PORIFIX ductwork systems, our patented ceiling connector element provides a connection between the heat source and the vertical exhaust gas line in the ductwork. This significantly simplifies construction and operation, because the height of the connection from the appliance to the shaft can be adjusted, while its round shape enables it to fit in seamlessly horizontally. Inspection openings allow optional checks of the outer annular gap as well as of the plastic flue gas- pipes from the space in which the appliance is installed. Therefore additional cleaning hatches, roof exits, steps, platforms etc. can normally be left out.

We have maintained the same good habits since our very earliest days: We believe that service, reliability, quality and a sensible approach to speed are the basic pillars which underpin our business.

Since 1987, Skoberne has grown into a medium sized business employing 60 people in 2 production locations covering more than 10,000 sqm. The image below shows some of these stages and milestones in our development.


Our qualified employees are one of the key factors underpinning our success.

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 We celebrated our company’s 30th anniversary in February 2017

30 years of Skoberne

30 years of Skoberne


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