For more than 30 years, Skoberne has been a leading manufacturer of plastic flue gas pipes and we are recognised for our exhaust gas systems for condensing boilers.


SKOBIFIX® is a "condensing chimney" made from our special SKOBIFIX® geopolymer foam.

This one-meter long ductwork block incorporates a tongue-and-groove system which guarantees simple, quick installation.

SKOBIFIX WDVS is a "condensing chimney system” developed by Skoberne based upon SKOBIFIX geopolymer foam. The ceramic is extremely durable and resistant to external stresses, as well as being easy to work and very lightweight. E.g. a 1-meter long ductwork element weighs only 8-10 kg.


PORIFIX 90 is a product combination of F90 duct work and plastic flue gas pipes which has been specially developed for the DIY construction sector, and is available from leading construction material wholesalers.

UNIFIX formed bricks for ductwork are a UNIversal wonder. They are suitable for F90 ductwork, for the uptake of flue gas lines as well as fire-resistant mantles for solid flue.

The UNIFIX series offers a wide range of diameters and possibilities.

DEKTITE® pipe sleeves provide the perfect seal for pipes where they penetrate ceilings or walls.

Their flexible terraced rubber beads allow unrestricted thermal expansion of both the pipes themselves as well as the coating elements, thus preventing fatigue failures found in rigid pipe systems.


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